Every Rich Person Has More Than One Job

This is the hidden truth that lies behind every single successful person out there.  The idea of having one job, one thing you rely on entirely for your livelihood, is something that their employees do.

The Sideline Effect is going to show you how to turn yourself into a one man corporation with multiple revenue streams. This new approach to living is not only rewarding on a financial level but it will unlock the key to your happiness.

How do I know what your happiness is you ask?

Well the truth is you probably don’t know what happiness is. You might think it’s a sports car, a yacht, a mansion with a view, a paddock. Whatever. This kind of happiness is the consumer version of happiness you’re sold to by advertisers.

Happiness is actually being in control of your own destiny. And whilst we’re at it, success is also myth that’s been drilled into you over the years. Success is living a happy life. Thats it.

Join me on a journey. I won’t charge you for it. I won’t sell your data. Occasionally I might ask you to buy a book, because this is what I love to do. But you don’t have to.