Calculate Your Daily income

One of the most effective tricks to change your mindset from paid employee to revenue generator is to work out how much you earn in a day. I’m always in the ‘on’ position when it comes to making money so I divide my income by 365.  If weekends are sacred and you don’t intend to do anything then divide your salary by 52 and then again by five. Interestingly if you have a full time job do this calculation when on holiday because for that day you’ll have been paid for sitting on the beach!

If you have a magic income figure where you want to be then also work out the daily income.  You now know that shortfall and can work towards meeting it.  Even if as you start your sideline is only pushing you over the line once a month then it’s a great start.

My goal is to do £1000 a day. I miss my target more than I achieve it but when I wake up in the morning I know what I’ve got to do.  By splitting my time up it also gives me an idea of my own worth and stops me pursuing business opportunities that won’t get me to where I want to be.

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