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Hi, I’m Gavin Griffiths. I’m a writer, entrepreneur and passionate advocate for sideline businesses. I also have set up and run a number of business on the side.  I’m going to shine a light on the phenomenon of sideline businesses and help you launch yours. If you feel the itch to start something but aren’t sure what to do then hopefully we can help with that too. We also have a fledgling Facebook community with experienced entrepreneurs and beginners alike, so if you have an a question or an idea then jump in and get involved. If you’re not into Facebook then drop me a line via the contact page and I’ll see if I can help.

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I come from the publishing business and have a passion for magazines. I’m also passionate about entrepreneurialism and start ups and have launched several businesses over the past 30 years. Many of my friends and people I admire are entrepreneurs and I believe that a self reliant life is the best life you can lead. This site is a culmination of all the things I love. In all my experiences I’ve found that the sideline is the best way to explore ideas and launch projects without putting everything on the line. A quarter of Brits now have a sideline and I think everyone has the ability to have one if they want. It’s enriching and if it really works well it can utterly change your life.

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Transform yourself from employee to money making machine

The world of work is changing faster than any time in history and you need to be prepared for it.

This site, and accompanying book, aims to inspire you to try setting up a sideline business or money making scheme. We’ll bring you ideas via our blog or you can sign up to our weekly newsletter which is packed with productivity tips and ideas to get you launched.

Corporatism with its career progression and regular promotions up the greasy pole is dying. Solopreneurs / Slashers / The gig economy / Sideliners are the future where people control their own destiny. it’s all out there for the taking.

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If you’re already revved up to get going and just need some business ideas then why not just get my free book of sideline business ideas.

Imaginatively entitled 37 Sideline Business Ideas, it contains, well, 37 cracking sideline business ideas.

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It has never been easier to start a sideline business

We’re going through the biggest shift in employment and working habits in modern history. There has never been a time like now where it has been possible to start your own sideline enterprise.  3 billion people are connected via the internet and the tools to reach them cost less than a round of drinks. Hundreds of thousands of people have developed sideline income streams that have liberated them from the slavery of a single source of income. The Sideline Effect is guiding hand to help you discover, plan and execute your idea to free yourself and create extra revenue. Your adventure starts here.

Half of today’s occupations won’t exist within a decade

We’re not about scaring you into action but we have to point out that whilst there are huge opportunities available to set up new businesses or money making schemes the work landscape is also changing very quickly.

This perfect storm of automation and artificial intelligence meeting globalisation is changing working patterns and business beyond recognition. Not only is your career at risk from being outsourced to someone who will do it cheaper across the other side of the world but it’s also under pressure from computers and technology which are being developed to replace you.

This march of technology is likely to result in over half of occupations becoming extinct within a decade. I’ve lived through this change, my main job is in an industry that didn’t exist when I was at school and I have already been squeezed out of one industry which may well not exist in a few years time.

As the world of work changes, new jobs and opportunities will be created but the time to start experimenting with a new lifestyle isn’t when your stops existing but when you are still in work and have time and money to plan and experiment. This is what this website is about.

Technology Has Transformed Jobs

Technological advancement isn’t simply making a few people redundant, whole professions are being wiped out by AI and automation. You’ve noticed it in the self scanners in supermarkets, the proliferation of DIF estate agents and the voice recognition when you ring your bank. Here’s two chilling statistics if you’re concerned about how tech is going to change our society in the short term.

20% of companies have a business model that will fail within 5 years.

50% of jobs won’t exist within a decade – is yours on the list?

Take a (low risk) leap

A sideline business is what it says – it’s something you do on the side. You’re not throwing all your eggs in one basket, you’re not putting your house on the line to try something out that might not work out.

A sideline business is a test pad for your ideas. It’s about getting your entrepreneurial juices flowing. It’s small scale, exciting, fun, it makes extra money and it could transform the whole course of your life.

Increase your income


Generate additional sideline income
using skills you already have

Job reliant to self reliant

Change the way you view work and
the way you generate income

entrepreneurial outlook

Create a springboard that will change your
life forever without having to take a huge risk